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Goods for Well-Traveled Spaces


Almost daily, I am asked if my name is Josephine. It is not. But the name holds precious meaning for my family by connecting my childhood in a small southern town, my husband's childhood on his family farm in England, our son's birth country of Haiti, and our life raising four kids on the West Coast.

Surprisingly, it was my small-town upbringing that shaped much of my design aesthetic. I inherited, as did both my sisters, my mother’s passions for decorating and travel. I’m so grateful for her encouragement to make travel a part of our lives and for her respect for other cultures and people. I have a constant longing for faraway places and am captivated by the beauty of textiles, natural materials, and decorative objects crafted by skilled artisans.

After almost 10 years of traveling and hosting annual fundraisers in support of the children living in the orphanage in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, I wanted to approach fundraising differently by opening a business where our greater community could support vulnerable children every day. I have spent the last four years working (and pivoting!) on a business that feels true to who I am, and that I believe benefits my family’s local community right here in Los Angeles.

I am thrilled to share my love for design and travel with you.

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Julie James Cutforth, Founder

Inspired by
Craftspeople & Artisans

We draw inspiration from the work of artists and artisans from many countries. Some of our favorites include block-print fabric from India, African mud cloth, antique Persian rugs, American ceramicists, Japanese block-print paintings, Iznik pottery from Turkey, and antique bamboo furniture from England and France.


We love to discover unique products from all over the world to support small businesses and hope that in doing so, we make it easy for our local community to enjoy artisan goods, brands, and art that connect them to a community of other cultures.

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