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My love for interiors and travel was fostered in a home in small town in the south on Highway 67 West. My mother loved to decorate our house and was quite a trailblazer for that neck of the woods. She also loved to travel, and I'm grateful she made sure her children saw the value in experiencing far away places and the people who inhabit them. My older sisters were foreign exchange students and some of my favorite memories are of them coming back home with stories about their experiences and the showing us the traditional gifts and souvenirs they brought back from their adventures. I didn't realize at the time how these experiences and these women would shape me but I now realize the source of my never-ending desire to travel and the reason my heart skips a beat for a certain textile, anything with caning (!), or decorative item made by artisans in far away lands. 

My husband grew up with an amazing family in a stunning year old farmhouse in southwest England. We are raising 4 children in L.A. but spend as much time as we can at our place in Santa Ynez. We call each of those places home, and are happiest when we are with family and friends cooking together, listening to music, setting the table, and sitting down to share a meal. I continue to be influenced by these places, my precious family, and dear friends.

Josephine is a name that connects my past and my present. I'm grateful to have a space where I can express my love of decorating, learn more each day about the process & artistry, and help others decorate homes they share with their people. 


If we can help you, please don't hesitate to ask!


Julie James Cutforth 

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